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FLO Talanoa suicide prevention workshop dates for Auckland, Christchurch and Oamaru

Suicide continues to be a concerning issue in New Zealand, for Pasifika communities and particularly for Pasifika young people. Research and our culture provide approaches that that can help keep our communities safe.

You are invited to attend one of three upcoming FLO Talanoa suicide prevention workshops in Auckland, Christchurch and Oamaru. FLO Talanoa is a FREE four hour information workshop about suicide prevention – designed for, and delivered by, Pasifika communities.

The workshop includes four modules. 

  • Wave 1: What’s going on?
    Defining what suicide is and how it is currently impacting us on an international and national level.
  • Wave 2: Why is this happening?
    The risk factors and warning signs associated to suicide and the blocks to the ‘FLO of life’.
  • Wave 3: How do we create hope?
    Creating a safe space to talk about suicide and how to start the conversation.
  • Wave 4: Collective Community Action
    Understanding what protects us, to ensure we all have a sense of belonging and purpose, and feel accepted. Participants will identify how they, as individuals, families and as a collective community, will take action to build strong, resilient communities.

Register your interest in attending one of the following FLO Talanoa workshops.

Don’t worry if your location isn’t on the list – email flo@leva.co.nz and we will let you know when we’re next in your region.

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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.