FLO Talanoa

What is FLO Talanoa?

FLO Talanoa is a suicide prevention education programme for Pasifika communities that is evidence informed, culturally safe and designed to be led by the community for the community.  

It's a call to action and aligned with the values of love, respect and reciprocity.  

There are over 100 trained FLO Talanoa facilitators who can deliver a workshop to you for FREE.  At this stage we can offer workshops in these regions: Auckland, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.      

To find out if there's a FLO Talanoa commuinity workshop coming up in your region, follow us on facebook.  

How FLO Talanoa works

FLO Talanoa facilitators receive free training from Le Va and reciprocate by delivering free workshops in their communities – in response our communities take ownership and leadership of community action plans.  

  • Stage one involves a two-day training workshop for community facilitators to deliver the FLO Talanoa workshops in their communities. 

  • Stage two involves the trained community facilitators delivering a four-module workshop to their communities free of charge, which can be taught in one day or in separate sessions.

One of the components of the workshop is B.R.A.V.E; young people preventing suicide by asking you to listen to their plea. 

Workshop outcomes

After a FLO Talanoa workshop, participants will:

  • be better informed of the risk factors, protective factors and warning signs for suicide.
  • have gained an understanding of how Pasifika cultural beliefs and practices influence our well-being.
  • know what to do and say if concerned about someone's safety.
  • know how to access help if required.
  • have gained the confidence to talk about suicide in a safe way.

Please note: The workshop is recommended for people over the age of 16.  In addition, it is not a treatment or support group and some content may cause distress for vulnerable people. 

A key resource used in the FLO Talanoa workshop is the B.R.A.V.E video. 

Booking a workshop

If you'd like a FLO Talanoa workshop delivered in your community email flo@leva.co.nz or contact Leilani Clarke to explore options. 

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