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Competency assessment tool

The Fenoga Pule framework has three levels of competency relating to area of practice, role, and experience.

All crew members need to have the same foundational skills. Foundation level competencies reflect the broad range of knowledge and skills that are essential to work successfully with Pasifika in PMHA services, with a particular emphasis on awareness, attitude, and knowledge. This level is relevant for everyone working in Pasifika Primary Mental Health and Addictions, regardless of role or experience. 

Once we master our foundational skill sets, we can develop specific skills. Enhanced level competencies build on, and are in addition to, foundational competencies that should also be met. Enhanced competencies emphasise growth in knowledge, skills, and behaviour. This level of additional competencies are for those working in registered clinical roles and/or senior staff who are very experienced. 

To successfully navigate your canoe in the right direction, those in leadership need to have additional skills relating to teamwork and management, strategic vision, and progress.  Leaders in Pasifika PMHA have a dedicated knowledge and skill set to support the organisation and provide the best support possible to Pasifika communities accessing PMHA services.  This level of additional competencies is not just for those in management or leadership positions. Fenoga Pule is designed to acknowledge all types of leadership capacities, such as matua and cultural leaders. 

Competency surveys

The links below lead to surveys intended for Pasifika Mental Health and Addiction organisations to assess the competencies of their workforce. For more information, please contact:

Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.