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Together we will achieve a sugary-drink free Aotearoa

FIZZ is a group of researchers and public health doctors who have joinned forces to advoate for ending the sale of sugar sweetened beverages from New Zealand. The group will hold Toward a Sugary-drink Free Aotearoa symposium in Wellington on Tuesday 11th October. 

Chief Advisor, Pacific Health – Matafanua Hilda Fa’asalele will open this symposium.

An interesting range of speakers will be presenting including Chief Advisor, Pacific Health – Matafanua Hilda Fa’asalele who will open this symposium, Tokelau Director of Health Dr Silivia Tavite (on the BAN on Fizzy drinks in Tokelau), Prof Kelly Brownell from Duke University (USA), David Gillespie (Australia) and Professor of Tax Law Prof Michael Littlewood from University of Auckland. There are a number of other interesting speakers including Niki Bezzant editor of the NZ Herald ‘Healthy Food Guide’.

This is the third FIZZ Symposium that looks at the health impact of sugary drinks but more importantly solutions to reduce intake. There is a growing number of solutions to this problem including sugary-drink free Polyfest, Pasifika Churches that are Sugary-drink free, Hospitals going Sugary-drink Free and also Nelson and Auckland Councils adopting policy to reduce sugary drinks.

We know that the average New Zealand kid drinks/eats 30 teaspoons of sugar each day – 10 times the maximum recommendation of three teaspoons. This puts our kids at risk of rotten teeth, unhealthy weight and diabetes.

Simple things we can do to reduce sugary drink intake include:

•    Don’t have sugary drinks in your home
•    Only drink sugar-free drinks (water, un-flavoured milk, zero sugar (diet) drinks)
•    Encourage your school, workplace and home to adopt a: ‘no sugary drinks’ policy.

Register for the Toward a Sugary-drink Free Aotearoa symposium, Wellington on Tuesday 11th October at: www.fizz.org.nz 


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