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Pasifika: no data without stories, no stories without data

The Social Investment Agency (SIA) uses data and evidence to inform how to best improve the lives of New Zealanders by investing in what is known to create the best results.

The SIA is currently talking to New Zealanders to find out what they think about the government’s proposed approach to investing for social wellbeing, and the protection and use of personal information in the social sector. The SIA is doing this to inform development of the ‘investing for social wellbeing’ approach and the Data Protection and Use Policy (the policy). This engagement will capture online and direct engagement with government agencies, non-governmental service providers, service users, Māori, Pacific peoples and disabled people.

The SIA is keen to talk to Pasifika communities about social wellbeing, and how our data should be protected and used.

The insight gained from doing the analysis in collaboration with Pasifika communities is important. It provides a complete view of why different Pasifika individuals, families and communities may experience different outcomes from the social services being delivered. The SIA uses a wide range of evidence including data and analytics, evaluation results and people’s experiences, to support the development of real solutions for Pasifika, so effective services reach those who need them most, at the time they need them.

Workshops will take place throughout New Zealand between May and August 2018, and the SIA will invite as broad as possible a spectrum of representative participants to engage in providing input into the draft policy.

Apart from service providers in general, who will have Pasifika peoples among those to whom they provide services, the SIA will engage with the following groups and individuals:

  • Pasifika people who are social sector service users, and
  • Pasifika-focused service providers and service providers with a large number of Pasifika service users.

Visit the Social Investment Agency website to register your interest and attendance. 


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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.