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Le Va @ the 2015 NASCA conference

Le Va’s chief executive Dr Monique Faleafa and I were honoured to present to the NASCA conference last month; NASCA is the National Association for NASC (Needs Assessment Service Coordination) managers and senior staff within the disability and health sectors.  

Mark Brown, chief executive of Life Unlimited and Chairperson of NASCA said the Forum provided the opportunity to listen and learn from each other, and hear perspectives from different providers about important areas and aspects of our work, including:   

  • ensuring the perspectives of disabled people in our delivery
  • progress on disability issues across Government in New Zealand and at the United Nations
  • practical sessions on specialist services, knowledge and supports
  • legal and ethical issues
  • new principles and approaches
  • best practice initiatives and learnings from other NASCs.

Le Va was approached by NASCA to present to attendees on cultural competency, and engaging with Pasifika clients, families and communities. This request also reflected that a number of NASC organisations have already undertaken Le Va’s Engaging Pasifika cultural competency training, and were keen for others in the sector to be aware of it.

Monique and I highlighted the importance of the cultural competency of NASC workers when working with Pasifika people with disabilities, but also the cultural competency of NASC organisations engaging Pasifika communities as a whole.  

We delivered to a mix of senior managers and staff from various NASC organisations. Our presentation was well received – igniting positive discussions around how to be more culturally aware when engaging with Pasifika.    

We’re looking forward to working more closely with NASCA in the future to ensure that the needs of Pasifika with disabilities and their families are being met.      


Mark Brown, chief executive, Life Unlimited and Chairperson of NASCA with Dr Monique Faleafa, chief executive, Le Va.

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