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Le Va celebrates Pink Shirt Day 2018

The Pink Shirt Day movement has been celebrated globally since 2007 when students decided to take a stand against bullying. The movement aims to end bullying in all forms throughout the world. This year’s theme was to speak up, stand together and stop bullying. There are four identified forms impacting our youth today, including physical, verbal, social and cyber bullying.

Each year, the team at Le Va makes a conscious effort to contribute towards this cause by raising awareness through our activities and social media channels. This year, the team created a skit to highlight the importance of intervening when necessary. The goal was to persuade our social media followers to wear a pink shirt in support of this cause. With an overall reach of 4,000 people online, the aim was to build awareness of Pink Shirt Day, encouraging our communities to stand together and know that strength comes from knowing you’re not alone.

Check out the video on Facebook, and make sure to like and follow our pages!

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