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We asked and they answered – our children’s hopes and dreams for 2022 and beyond

As we navigate this year, we were delighted to sit down for a talanoa with some of the wisest and most brilliant people we know: our children.
 Together, they reflected on what lies ahead and shared their hopes and dreams for their future. If their reflections are any indication, our future is looking brighter already. Below, they talk about what they’ve been missing and their dreams for their voyage ahead.

My hopes and dreams are a kingdom and sunlight.
– Cooper, 6

I hope that Covid goes away soon because it’s boring and I want life to be normal again. When I’m older I want to be a business owner and build things like my Dad. Then I will be able to own a big gaming PC so I can play lots of cool games. 
– Blake, 10

My hope this year is to get better at maths and better at keeping my things tidy so I can get more things. My dream for this year is to get more fidgets. For next year my hope is to look after my stuff so I can keep it. My dream is to be faster.
– Sunny, 9

I hope to be the smartest in school. I’m definitely trying to be better than last year.
I dream of being an anime character.

– Prezley, 11

I hope to wake up earlier than I usually do, work on my health and grow my brain (knowledge) and my confidence. I dream of becoming the next Elon Musk and owning a dog.
– Honour, 9

I want everybody to stop fighting and having wars with each other. We should all just be kind and stick together, look after each other and just love each other.
– Lily-Manaia, 8

I hope we see better days with all that’s happening and that we can go to school and sports as normal.
– EJ, 9

I want to get out of isolation. It’s getting really boring and have more interesting vocabulary in school.
– Luke, 11

I hope I can come back to New Zealand. I miss my family. I miss Rainbow’s End and McDonalds and the parks and the pools and having fun with my mum and dad there.
– Lotomalie, 7, Samoa

I haven’t got any, just get through high school.
– Caylin-Rose, 13

My hope is to not copy Charlie, and to be smart. To be good and I hope that my sister is still Sunsun because I love her.
Next year my hope is to bring my togs and swim, and to be smart… and go to the doctor and learn, and read all my books and listen to Whaea Kendall.

– Mahina, 6

Learning how to speak more Japanese and my dream job is to be a professional volleyball player.
– Tyrell, 10

– Caylin-Rose, 13

To have a good year and for Thayne to stop fighting with Tyrell.
– Taylor, 8

Like toys?…Um, my birthday, going on holiday, playing with my cousins and friends, dancing. For next year, the new year, movie nights and gymnastics.
– Cleveland, 6

I want to get through the last years of school successfully and prepare to serve a 2-year full time mission when I turn 18.
– Thayne, 16

I hope to make the top netball team this year and become better at baking.
I dream of bungy jumping from the highest building.

– Armani Jade, 13

I hope to make the premiere netball team for school this year and to endorse with Excellence in NCEA level 1.
– Paris, 15

I hope to learn my times tables, and maybe get a puppy.
– Mariella, 7

I’d like to do ironman by myself. I want to be the smartest kid in my class and post on YouTube and create content.
I dream of earning heaps of money and creating games on Roblox. And I also want to work with Dhar Mann.

– Lake, 8

I hope for Covid to leave us alone and to make the Basketball A Team in school this year.
– Tristan, 8

I hope to be able to learn all my timetables up to 12 off by heart and to become a future Anime clay designer.
– Roman, 10

I just hope that I can do good at school and stop wearing masks all the time. I’m a bit over Covid and all the restrictions. I miss all the family get-togethers and playing with my cousins all the time.
– Presaeus, 14

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