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FLO Talanoa rollout second Auckland workshop

If you have the ability to share, you have the ability to save.”

This is something I constantly remind myself when delivering the two-day FLO Talanoa Facilitator training. It is from my personal experience of loss that I am able to provide a ‘familial’ perspective alongside the evidence based-research, clinical and cultural perspectives for suicide prevention.

It is also something of a mantra that I take heart in seeing from the courageous Pasifika community members that we work with during the two-day FLO Talanoa Facilitators workshop.  

Since our first workshop in October 2015, almost 100 Pasifika mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, elders, church leaders and community members have realised their ability to share safely and appropriately about Pasifika suicide prevention. 

They are being supported by Le Va in their ability to save our communities by facilitating and supporting local discussions and plans to prevention suicide. These facilitators are from across the country and, like myself, have taken up the challenge to create hope in our communities.

Our recent Auckland programme had a full intake of 20 participants varying in professions and community connection. Participants included creative artists, registered nurses, local ministers, tertiary educators, community health workers and university students. All passionate to help those in need of hope. And all leaving with increased knowledge and skills, and an approach to serve our communities in hope. 

Christchurch is our next training location with a workshop running in April (date to be confirmed)!

To register your interest for this free two-day FLO Talanoa Facilitator training in Christchurch, please email to enquiries@leva.co.nz or ring on 09 261 3490 for more information.

The dates for future FLO Talanoa Facilitator Training workshops across the country will be advertised on this website in our event calendar and promoted through our monthly e-bulletin and Facebook page. So sign up to our e-bulletin and like our Facebook page to stay up to date for when FLO Talanoa is coming to you!

Leilani (top left) with participants from the Auckland FLO Talanoa facilitator training in February.


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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.