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Flo Talanoa piloted

The Flo: Pasifika for Life suicide prevention programme has completed the pilot phase for Flo Talanoa; a free community workshop tackling the topic of suicide prevention in our Pasifika communities. The workshop is designed to be led by the community for the community with the purpose of equipping Pasifika communities with information to better understand suicide and ways to prevent it. 

Each workshop began with the creative performance ‘Tautai: a family’s journey’ performed by Iaheto Ah Hi and Tom Natoealofa, with the aim of creating a safe space to allow the talanoa to flow around the subject of suicide prevention. 

The Flo Talanoa workshop was piloted in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin. A huge thank you to our Flo Ambassadors  who provided both delivery and community support. Poko Ngaro co-ordinated the Wellington workshop bringing together community members of Cannons Creek Porirua. Epenesa Elisara co-ordinated and co-facilitated the Dunedin workshop inviting community members from as far as Oamaru. 

The main objective of the pilot was to seek feedback from the community to ensure both the creative arts piece and Flo Talanoa workshop content was trialled and effectiveness evaluated:

  • across a variety of Pasifika ethnic groups
  • across a range of age groups
  • in differing geographical regions 
  • from a grassroots level within the community; and
  • for methods to have safe discussions around suicide prevention.

Community feedback from the pilot was very positive indicating the creative arts piece was an effective way to create a safe space to talk about suicide, and the Flo Talanoa workshop content effectively informed participants about ways to prevent suicide for Pasifika, particularly in relation to the Top 5 Tactics. Reoccurring themes that surfaced in all three pilot deliveries were Courage, Family Time and Love.

Feedback comments from the workshop:

A very powerful workshop! We should extend this kind of opportunity to the schools and to the churches. I wish this workshop was run in the afternoon so we can target all young people to attend.

It’s important to emphasise the importance of identity and a sense of belongings in young people’s lives because it will make them strong. Devote more time with your kids so that you can identify the difference/changes/ issues they are going through. Their issue needs to be dealt with LoVe in a safe space.

Flo Talanoa has made me aware of the fact that I need to be strong and brave to be able to save a life and all it takes is asking the question! Thank you again Le Va.

Suicide prevention is everyone’s business and it’s important for Pacific people to understand the risk and protective factors from the Pacific perspective

Plans for the official launch of Flo Talanoa and delivery dates are underway and will be announced in our next monthly e-bulletin. Flo Talanoa coming to you all soon!  #UniteToIgnite #GrowYourFlo #HelpGiveHope










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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.