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‘Express Yourself’ Pacific Potential – film competition

In collaboration with the Pasifika Film Festival 2017, Le Va was honoured to have hosted the ‘Express yourself’ Pacific Potential Film competition.

A call to action was sent out to all budding actors, directors or those simply with an interest in film-making requesting entrants to incorporate the competition theme ‘Intergenerational Communication’. Competition entrants were asked to create a short film of a time that they experienced intergenerational miscommunication or misunderstanding and how it could be done better. They were encouraged to work alongside all generations for their projects with an aim to increase greater understanding and respect across Pasifika generations.

Le Va thank and acknowledge all those who took the time to enter the competition and are pleased to announce our overall and runner-up winners!

Overall Winner:

‘What I’m trying to say..’

By the University of Canterbury Pasifika Development Team



By Shekynah Clarke

Intergenerational Communication

Le Va’s research shows that Pasifika families and communities thrive when older and younger generations communicate well, and take time to understand each other. It’s when there is a communication breakdown between the generations that it can lead to distress, relationship breakdowns or even tear families apart.

Misinterpreting what we hear, see or feel from others leads to a communication breakdown. Often we don’t know how to deal with it as it is easily overlooked. More often than not, we may not even realise it is happening. But imagine we all had effective communication between younger and older generations, it would build empathy that in turn would contribute to safer, healthier and more respectful relationships within our Pasifika families and communities.

With an intergenerational approach that is strengths-based and focusses on relationships and the inherent strength of each generation we then take a view of people of different generations as pure potential and we start to see resilient and prosperous Pasifika families.

Each generation of Pasifika – whether born in the islands, children of the migration, Gen Y, millennials or centennials – has different experiences and life views but all with similar underlying cultural values, and all with equally valuable contributions.

Let us all band together, to work toward enhancing the respect and understanding across generations.

Overall Competition Winners: UC Pasifika Development Team with Le Va at the Opening night of the Pasifika Film Festival 2017.

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