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Connecting in with New Zealand’s Public Health leaders

Le Va staff members Apollo Taito and Abba Fidow were fortunate to engage with 20 of New Zealand’s public health leaders about the relevance and application of Pasifika values in public health, and the challenges and strengths of ensuring those values are aligned to service delivery.

The 2017 Public Heath Leadership Programme is designed for public health leaders in New Zealand, and is funded by the Ministry of Health. 

The programme was developed by Catapult (specialist leadership and organisational performance consultancy) and Quigley and Watts (public health specialists). The 20 participants at the Auckland presentation ranged from organisations including Auckland Council, District Health Boards across New Zealand, Auckland Regional Public Health Service, Maori organisations, non-governmental organisations, public health services and corporate businesses. 

Le Va is privileged to have been invited back for the fourth year running to focus on Pasifika perspectives of leadership in healthcare systems. 

Abba and Apollo emphasised three key challenges in values-based leadership lessons:

  1. The similarities, differences and relationships between Pasifika values and perspectives with non-Pacific or New Zealand values;  
  2. The practical application of how this plays out in the healthcare workforce – how Le Va incorporates the diversity of Pasifika values and issues in the work it tackles, particularly around taboo or complex issues (such as mental health, suicide prevention, violence prevention);
  3. How leaders in the public health sector can respectfully engage and work alongside Pacific peoples, families and communities  for the best health outcomes possible.

Their presentation focused participants that Pasifika values including alofa (love), humility and respect are transferable across all people – and that therefore understanding how traditional values can be executed in a contemporary way can ensure engagement and service delivery to Pasifika families are successful; particularly for young Pasifika people who sometimes navigate between the Western and Pasifika world. The intention of the programme is that participants will be able to make a difference in public health and have the skills and courage to act. Le Va supports all those participants on their journey, and encourages more Pasifika in the public health workforce to consider this great programme. For more information, please visit the Public Health Workforce Development website.



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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.