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Atu-Mai: What’s in a name?

Atu-Mai is a new national violence prevention programme that supports Pasifika young people and their families to be confident and resilient, and experience healthy and safe family and social relationships. 

The programme is evidence-based, informed by Pasifika experts and co-designed with young people. Nowhere is that more evident than in the name Atu-Mai

Atu-Mai combines two different Pan-Pacific words: Atu and Mai. Atu in many Pasifika languages refers to what flows from us; what we put into the world, and Mai refers to that which we receive and take in. It is based on the Cook Islands proverb Aro’a atu, I te aro’a mai meaning love flowing outwards, love flowing inwards.

Pasifika young people engaged in the co-design of the programme enthusiastically agreed that this principle was important for any programme targeting them – the flow of good intent, encompassed by reciprocity. Atu-Mai captures the essence of healthy reciprocal relationships and balanced wellbeing.

Watch this amazing spoken word piece on Atu-Mai put together by Zech and Eric Soakai.

Find out more about the launch of ‘Atu-Mai’, read about what the programme consists of, or register for online learning at atumai.nz


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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.