Engaging Pasifika- Updated

Engaging Pasifika is Le Va's national Cultural Competency programme targeted to mainstream non-Pacific health and disability workers employed at a Ministry of Health funded service. The programme offers a blended learning approach and teaches the foundational attitudes, knowledge and skills to safely engage with, and effectively deliver, quality services for Pasifika individuals, families and communities.


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Engaging Pasifika (EP) aims to teach the foundational attitudes, knowledge and skills to safely engage with, and effectively deliver quality services for Pasifika people and their families. This purpose is fulfilled through the EP programme, a blended approach of three training courses:

  • EP Online: Laying the foundation - An Engaging, interactive online course which all learners are required to successfully complete in order to participate in EP Live face to face workshop.

  • EP Live: Culture in Action - A full day of cultural immersion face to face workshop facilitated by a team of expert Pasifika knowledge holders.

  • EP+: Beyond the Horizon - Online course that focuses on specific Pasifika groups, providing more information, tools and techniques for effective engagement. You must complete EP Live to access EP+

Is this training for you?

Prior to attending EP Live face to face workshop, you are required to successfully complete 4 modules of EP Online course and pass the assessment.

  • Module 1: Then and Now - Story of Pasifika People
  • Module 2: The Significance of Culture
  • Module 3: The Impact of Care
  • Module 4: The Depth of Connection

We hope you will find EP Online engaging and interactive as you go through the modules. Once you have submitted your registration you will receive an automated email entailing instructions to access EP Online.

Check out our short video promoting EP Online.


Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.