Futures that Work

The purpose of the Futures that Work scholarships and support programme is to grow the capacity and capability of the Pacific mental health and addiction workforce.  

Growing the size and skills of the Pasifika workforce takes more than just financial support. It's also a combination of providing appropriate mentoring, coaching, cultural and pastoral care, as well as support in identifying employment and career pathways. 

That’s why the Futures that Work three-step programme has been successful.

  1. Get your fees paid – up to $5,000 course fees (paid to tertiary provider).
  2. Get your study sorted – Le Va’s Teuila mentoring and coaching model helps identify the right support to complete your study on time.
  3. Get your dream job – we'll help with planning your career in mental health or addiction. 

2018 marks a decade for this scholarships programme and we’re now seeing tangible growth in the size and skills of our Pasifika mental health and addiction workforce. 

Over 10 years, we’ve awarded 449 scholarships to 267 people. Some people received a scholarship for 2 or 3+ years - so we support them through their course of study to complete on time and ensure the shortest possible route in their career journey.

2018 Futures that Work scholarship results

The 59 Futures that Work scholarship recipients for 2018 are well placed to support our Pasifika communities. Through these scholarships and support programme, Le Va has been able to strategically invest in workforce areas of priority, not only for Pasifika communities, but for New Zealand’s mental healthcare system and services.


Check out the Futures that Work 2018 awards ceremony.