Le Tautua Pasifika leadership programme

O le ala i le pule, o le tautua (The pathway to authority is through service)

New Le Tautua 2018 Pasifika Leadership programme

The Le Tautua 2018 Pasifika leadership programme will be held over 4 full day workshops, between June and October 2018. Participants will experience a transformative leadership journey with a focus on the contemporary execution of traditional values in practice – in clinical, cultural, and community contexts.  This is strengthened by connecting with an established Le Tautua Alumni group, and complemented with opportunities for coaching, mentoring and further upskilling.

The applications for the Le Tautua 2018 Pasifika Leadership programme have closed.

Who is it for?

Le Tautua generates exceptional outcomes for participants across a broad range of workplace and community environments.

Le Tautua participants are Pasifika workers in the health and disability workforce - with particular focus on those currently working in the mental health, addiction or public health sector. Participants will be from DHBs, non-government organisations, and primary care organisations. They will have the motivation to move to the next level in their career pathway and personal leadership journey, and the curiosity to discover how cultural intelligence can be harnessed to achieve this. Potential candidates come with an open mind to be supported with a journey of self-discovery and be stretched outside their comfort zone.

A decade of experience

This year, Le Va celebrates the tenth anniversary of the programme, with nearly 100 Pasifika health and disability workers successfully completing the programme. Over this time we’ve had the opportunity to analyse, research, refresh, scrutinize, evolve and draw upon world leading theory and methods in leadership development. Contemporary leadership with Pasifika cultural reference points is not a tidy toolkit or theory – Le Tautua reflects how leading in this complexity requires practical application of real-world experience. Past participants are our testimony:

  • “A mind-blowing experience; I felt like I crawled in a little cat, and I’m going to walk out like a lion. In my organisation, I follow, I’m going to be more courageous now.”
  • “I’ve got a new job title and promotion at work and I think this has been a reflection of this programme.”
  • “What was very good was the space to discuss and drive towards integration of Pasifika concepts into our leadership.”
  • “The freedom to explore meanings in the group setting - words and actions are powerful.”
  • “The general fellowship and company of others. “
  • “The connection to land and place flexibility over timeframes. It’s fun, informative and passionate. “
  • “Loved the reflections, the invitation to try new things such as relaxation/mindfulness, journaling. Meeting other great leaders. The setting was awesome.”
  • “The learning of new concepts/insights- from facilitators and other participants.”
  • “The safety of the programme stood out. That is, being able to express myself freely without any judgement or criticism. Also being away from the distractions of work, and taking time out to reflect.”