Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund

The evaluation process for the Fund has now ended. Notifications to applicants have been emailed.

It has been a privilege to receive such a diverse range of high-quality proposals providing innovative and community-led solutions to preventing suicide. 

Le Va will publicly announce successful projects in the coming weeks.

Community Fund Purpose

Le Va has been contracted by the Ministry of Health to deliver the Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund to 31 March 2021. The purpose of the Community Fund is to build the capacity of Pasifika families and communities to prevent suicide within communities and to respond effectively if and when a suicide occurs.

Applications for the Community Fund are open from 3 June 2020 and will close 30 June 2020.

Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund invites applications for funding for amounts between $10,000 and $300,000.


The key objectives of the Community Fund are to support Pasifika families and communities to develop solutions to prevent suicide through:

  • Providing support to Pasifika families and communities that are experiencing suicide risk and/or are bereaved by suicide
  • Prioritising population groups within our communities that are known to be at higher risk of suicidal distress
  • Building inclusive communities and strengthening community resilience
  • Encouraging a focus on mental health
  • Raising awareness about available support services.

Priority groups within Pasifika communities

We know that different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to achieve equitable health outcomes. Successful initiatives will foster one or more of the following priority groups within Pasifika communities (this does not imply that the applications should be limited to these groups):

  • Men 
  • Youth 
  • Rainbow   
  • Rural communities  
  • Children and youth in care 
  • People with lived experience of suicidal behaviour.

Desired Outcomes

All funded initiatives must show a clear alignment to one, or more, of these outcomes:

  • Families, whānau, and communities are strongly connected, and people are actively participating in the wider community to prevent or cope with distress
  • Families, whānau and communities are actively building resilience and reducing the risks of suicide
  • Community leaders empower people, foster resilience and bring people and resources together for better mental wellbeing
  • Families, whānau and communities have stronger relationships and confidence to be able to talk about their difficulties
  • People are informed about and assisted in accessing support services
  • People bereaved by suicide receive the support they need within their families and whānau
  • Pasifika young people are connected to their culture and are supported to build a strong cultural identity to enhance mental wellbeing.

Evaluation Criteria

Our assessment panel will use Le Va’s Critical Elements for Implementing Pasifika Community-based Suicide Prevention Initiatives model to evaluate all funding applications.

Who can apply?

The applying organisation or initiative must

  • be Pasifika-led
  • address unmet needs of priority groups
  • contribute to the objectives and outcomes of Every Life Matters – He Tapu te Oranga o ia Tangata
  • aim to enhance protective factors for suicide prevention and postvention
  • ensure collaboration and coordination
  • be innovative with a new initiative that is currently not funded for
  • be sustainable once the funding has stopped
  • demonstrate access to the capacity, capability and systems required to manage and report.

What is not funded:

  • government statutory entities, overseas organisations and individuals or consultants will not be eligible to apply for the Community Fund
  • capital costs and major fixed assets (eg vehicles, buildings)
  • ongoing operational costs of the applicant organisations not related to the initiative
  • national or international conference attendance
  • any activity that does not occur in New Zealand
  • fundraising activities
  • overseas travel and associated costs
  • activities or projects that only benefit an individual
  • projects that have already occurred, or costs that have already been incurred
  • existing projects
  • development of an individual or privately-owned business
  • research
  • one-off events.

Fund Application Process

Click here to download the application process (PDF)

Download our Guidelines for easy referencing (PDF)

Watch this instructional video from Pacific Business Trust to help you navigate the application e-form.

For more information, please email suicide.prevention@leva.co.nz


How do we apply?

Please submit all funding applications online by completing the e-form provided. A copy of your application will be emailed to you. Please note the last date for submission is 5pm, 30 June 2020.

The form enables you to start your application and save your progress as you go. Take your time, save as you go, and remember to submit before the due date.

An assessment panel will review and assess each online application.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome by email mid-August. For applications over $200,000, a brief presentation before the panel may be requested.

Pacific Business Trust collaborated with Le Va to put together some smart tips to strengthen your application.

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How much funding is available?

On 22 October 2019, the Suicide Prevention Office (Ministry of Health- The Ministry) informed Le Va and Te Rau Ora that funding would be available for Māori and Pacific community-based suicide prevention initiatives. For the Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund, applications will be for a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $300,000. To support your application, please provide all necessary information according to the level of funding required. This information can be found in the Community Fund Guidelines.

Download our Guidelines for easy referencing (PDF)

We received funding from other initiatives. Are we eligible to apply?

Yes. All applications will be assessed under the Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund’s criteria.  


Can I apply more than once to the funding, via different projects, but same organisation?

Yes, you can submit more than one application however an organisation will only be eligible for one amount of funding. 


Is the funding limited to New Zealand-based projects only?

Yes, funding will be for projects that occur in New Zealand only.

Can I drop off the application in person?

No, all applications must be submitted electronically, using the online application form.


Do you fund salaries and operating expenses?

The assessment panel will be guided by the eligibility criteria. Please submit details of your request.  


Do you give multi-year funding?

The decision of multi-year funding is at the discretion of the assessment panel. 


Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions, please email suicide.prevention@leva.co.nz


Who decides which grant applications are successful in funding?

A selected assessment panel and the Chief Executive of Le Va will evaluate and decide on each application.