Preventing Suicide for Pasifika - top 5 tactics

Published 26 March 2014

Preventing Suicide for Pasifika - top 5 tactics was designed by Le Va to be read as an electronic book or pdf. It lists Le Va's top five tactics for helping to prevent Pasifika suicide, based on research, evidence and best practice. Download the book from the dowloads panel at the bottom of this page. The top 5 tactics are:


Myth #1 - Talking about suicide increases the risk. It’s ok to talk. If we do it the right way, it can actually reduce risk.
Talk means less stigma. It encourages us to seek help.


Use your culture - don’t lose your culture. For young Pacific people in New Zealand, the stronger their cultural identity, the stronger their mental wellbeing.

What is culture? It includes our own internal library of diverse experiences and stories. Our own library, and that of our family. We must embrace and strengthen our cultural identity in order to strengthen wellbeing and have a happy life.


Pull together - this will make us stronger. It takes a village to raise a child. Healthy relationships are vital for wellbeing and sense of purpose. Relationships help us during tough times.

It’s okay to ask for professional help! Just do it if you need to.

Connect with your emotions through MUSIC, ART, and those with diverse EXPERIENCES. Pay it forward – share a smile, a hug, hang out. Growth + Meaningful contributions = a sense of purpose. Find a purpose through the contributions you can make and seek opportunities for growth – personally, professionally, and socially.

Strengthen family (including extended family)

Communication is the heartbeat to nurturing healthy family relationships. Find ways to have open, meaningful, supportive, non-judgmental conversations within your family. This will provide a safe space for children to reveal what stressors and pressures they have - such as peer pressure or bullying.

Research shows the first three years of a child’s development is critical to his or her wellbeing. What will truly help children thrive? Along with food, warmth, shelter and clothing: feeling safe and secure; love and hugs; praise; smiles; positive encouragement; feeling heard; time & attention; learning new things.

Effective parenting programmes can be life changing for all involved. Recognise, allow and accept experiences from all the generations in your family.


Spirituality is a personal journey of transformation, hope and courage. Church elders and spiritual leaders are well placed to play an important role in preventing Pacific suicide. They can provide support, information and create new initiatives within the church.


Preventing Suicide for Pasifika - top 5 tactics
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