FLO’s purpose and essence

The FLO: Pasifika for Life suicide prevention programme (FLO) aims to engage and empower Pasifika families and communities in a sustainable way to ensure they know how to prevent suicide, and to respond safely and effectively when and if the suicide occurs. 

Under the guidance of Monique Faleafa, the FLO team includes Leilani ClarkeJimmy Clarke and Waimarama Roa.

FLO refers to ‘For Life’ and the ‘O’ symbolises our ‘flow’. Flow is the reciprocal interaction that we have in our relationships with friends, family, community and environment. Flow happens in the va – the relational space between people. Smooth flow happens when we:

  • communicate well
  • have strong cultural identity
  • connect with others
  • strengthen family
  • find hope and courage through spirituality.

These are our top five tactics for life that help our Pasifika families and communities to flourish.

FLO is part of the Ministry of Health funded Waka Hourua: the National Māori and Pasifika suicide prevention programme. Te Rau Matatini leads Waka Hourua, and is in partnership with Le Va.

Waka Hourua is guided by the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action plan 2013-2016 as part of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006–2016, which is currently being refreshed by the Ministry of Health.