Rebuilding Wellbeing Resources

To equip Pasifika public health workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify mental distress, we are working with the Ministry of Health to get Pasifika families the help they need.

Le Va’s Rebuilding Wellbeing programme aims to ease psychological difficulties related to Covid-19. Central to this is the enhancement of wellbeing and support so our people can navigate their recovery and adapt after their lives have been disrupted.

We support services to enhance the cultural responsiveness of their work so that Pasifika communities are better served. This includes providing training and a toolkit for workers, starting with research-informed resources on understanding anxiety, depression and how to approach these difficult conversations.

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Talanoa with Compassion

Helping someone in distress can be uncomfortable. When we show we care through compassion and kindness, we build a trusting relationship and allow them to safely share their concerns. For someone experiencing emotions like depression and anxiety, it can be scary, lonely and distressing. When we notice signs of depression or anxiety in others, it is important to know what to say and do to better support them.

Read or download our resource to learn how to talanoa and communicate confidently when checking in with someone showing signs of distress.


Checking In: Supporting someone who may be experiencing depression and/or anxietyView or download


Siaki ane: Lagolago i se tasi ua feagai ma le loto mafatia ma le loto popoleView or download


Tau vakai angē: Ko hono tokoni’i ha taha ‘oku hoko kiai ‘a e loto ta’ota’omia’ pe loto hoha’aa’ View or download

Cook Islands

‘Ākara ki roto ma te tauturu: tauturu‘anga no te ta’i i roto i te tūranga o te taitaiā teima’a e te mātakutaku taitaiā View or download


Dikevi tiko: Veitokoni vua e dua e lako curuma tiko na yalobibi se loma taqaya View or download

Navigating Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that can feel like the ever-changing waves of the moana. It can be described as worry, feeling nervous or uneasy about something (or a situation) when we are not sure of what will happen. Many people can experience anxiety when they are faced with a new or unknown situation, or when a stressful event happens.

Read or download our evidence-informed factsheet to learn how to identify and manage anxiety. 


Navigating through the waves of emotion: Anxiety View or download


Folauga agai i galu o lagona: Loto Popole View or download


‘E fakahaohao i he ta’au ‘o e peau ‘o e ongo: Hoha’a  View or download

Cook Islands

Makitoro‘anga nā roto i te au tū popoki’anga ngaru o te ngākau: Mātakutaku Taitaiā View or download


Na noda icavacava ena votu mai kevaka eda sokota vata na noda waqa: Sokota na ua ni yalo taqaya View or download

Navigating Depression

It’s a normal part of life to sometimes feel sad, stressed, and angry, especially when we’ve gone through really hard times – depression is more than this. Depression is being stuck with these feelings for a long time and we start losing hope and motivation. It’s an emotion that can feel like we are alone in the deep moana and caught in a powerful current, struggling to stay afloat.
It’s important to know that feeling depressed is not a weakness; it is a common experience and with the right help we can get better.

We will be releasing factsheets in more Pasifika languages soon.


Navigating through the waves of emotions: Depression View or download


Folauga agai i galu o lagona: Loto MafatiaView or download


Ko ‘etau fakahaohao ‘i he ta’au ‘o e ongo: Loto ta’ota’omia

View or download

Cook Islands

Makitoro’anga nā roto i te au tū popoki’anga ngaru o te ngākau: Taitaiā Teima’a View or download


Sokota yani na ua ni luluvu: Lomabibi View or download

Rebuilding Wellbeing for Workforce ‘live online’ workshops

Designed for Pasifika health support workforce, please note preference will be given to this group, particularly those with little knowledge of depression and anxiety.

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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.