Personalising your smartphone

Adding a cellphone to your lifestyle can help you stay safe and connected. We use our smartphones for almost anything. Some common uses are:

  • Making emergency calls
  • Video talanoa with friends and aiga
  • Texting with friends
  • Monitoring health through apps
  • Accessing the internet

We have put together a list of useful websites to help you access information easily.

To make it even easier to revisit a page, here are some simple steps to bookmark or save a website on your home screen.

How to add a website to your home screen

Step 1 to add a webpage to your home screen.

Choose a link from the list below. When the page loads, tap on the menu button in the bottom right corner.

Step 2 to add a webpage to your home screen.
Tap the + sign to add page.
Choose “home screen” and tap “add”. An icon to the page can now be found on your home screen.

Useful links and resources

Tap on an image to start adding the website to your home screen.

Le Va

Le Va

Igniting communities, creating change to support Pasifika families to unleash their full potential.

Unite Against Covid

Unite Against Covid- New Zealand

A central place for information from the New Zealand Government about COVID-19.

Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth

Equipping young people to look after their mental health.

Aunty Dee

Aunty Dee

When life sux, she’ll help you figure out your problems.

Rebuilding Wellbeing Le Va

Rebuilding Wellbeing

Fostering protective factors that build the resilience of Pasifika communities to navigate distressing times.

FLO Talanoa

FLO Talanoa

Supporting community-based suicide prevention for Pasifika families.

Le Va LifeKeepers Suicide Prevention


Equipping all New Zealanders to prevent suicide.

Mana Restore

Mana Restore

Enhancing mental health literacy online.

Le Va Atu-Mai violence prevention


Preventing violence by supporting families to have safe and respectful relationships.

Just a Thought

Teaching you how to manage your thoughts and feelings to help you improve your wellbeing.


1737 is a free service for New Zealanders feeling down, anxious, a bit overwhelmed or just need to chat to someone. You can call or text them for free 24/7.

Samsung Smart Tutor

Free support with anything on your Samsung phone or tablet. Samsung staff can, with your permission, connect with your phone or tablet to fix any problems you may have.


For online safety and advice, call 0508 638 723



Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.