Mental health and addiction workforce development

Le Va is New Zealand’s national centre for Pacific mental health and addiction workforce development.

Evidence-informed workforce development

In New Zealand, Pasifika people have higher rates of mental illness, substance abuse, suicide attempts with more severe and complex needs compared to the general population. All of this, with lower and later rates of access to services, and overall poorer health outcomes.

A key enabler for reducing these health inequities is developing a capable workforce to ensure we have the right people, with the right skill mix, doing the right work for our families. Le Va works alongside organisations and communities to achieve this, and ensure the best possible outcomes for Pasifika people and their families.

Supporting our mental health and addiction workforce

We support services to 1) enhance the cultural responsiveness of their workforce,  and 2) grow and upskill Pasifika people so that services better reflect the population’s they serve. This includes equipping the workforce with tools and resources that will enhance their practice, deliver innovative and integrated care, and improve outcomes for all New Zealanders.

The Futures that Work Pacific Mental Health and Addiction scholarships are now open!

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