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Pasifika Disability Action

The Faiva Ora Community Innovation Fund was established to support community-based initiatives enabling Pasifika people with disabilities to participate in and have access to resources and support that ensure they lead fulfilling lives.

Each year, the Fund allocates up to $10,000 to help Pasifika Community Groups that enhance community development, empower Pasifika disabled people, and ensure the further wellbeing of Pasifika people with disabilities.

We encourage applications from groups led by Pasifika people with disabilities, their families, and/or carers. The Fund also prioritises initiatives that focus on meeting the needs of Pasifika young people and show collaboration with support services and community groups.

2022 recipients – Walk with us, not for us

2021 recipients

MACMAYA l Our Narrative

Samoan-New Zealand musician, TJ Taotua, wanted to identify the influence music and creative arts could have on diminishing barriers for Pasifika youth living with a disability. Working with Pasifika youth in South Auckland, the result was the writing and recording of Our Narrative / Bodies of Art, a song which tells the message Pasifika youth with disabilities want others to walk with them, not for them.


Portraying the sporting hopes and dreams of Pasifika youth with disabilities underpinned the third Yes Re-Imagine campaign, supported by the Faiva Ora Community Innovation Fund. Aimed at breaking down the barriers of segregation Pasifika youth with disabilities experience, Yes Re-Imagine’s Olympia campaign encouraged Pasifika youth to be seen as young people first, and their impairment second.


Taikura Trust l CheeHoo! Podcast

Growing up listening to the radio, Daniel Te’O wanted to use the airwaves to ensure the Pasifika community had access to all the information they needed to feel included. His six-episode podcast series, CheeHoo!, which features a range of interviews and information, aims to bridge the communication gap and reduce isolation, helping Pasifika people to better utilise the services available to them.

2019 recipients

The Blind Foundation | REDUCING STIGMA

Daniel Te’o of the Blind Foundation came up with a project to create digital resources that would combat the stigma and discrimination associated with blind people who are able to lead fulfilling lives.

Please click here to read Daniel’s story.


Natasha Barber thought of an initiative to empower people with disabilities to gain employment through positive lifestyle changes and to realise their full potential. Read about Natasha’s journey here

P.A.C.E (Pasifika Active Choice Exercise) PHAB Pasifika | HEALTHY LIFESTYLES

Kramer Hoeflich and Paul Lavea from PHAB Pasifika had an idea to inspire young Pasifika people with disabilities to be more active, have a better understanding of nutrition and make healthier choices when it comes to food.

Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.