Our work

We work alongside the services and people who deliver mental health, addiction, public health, suicide prevention and general health and wellbeing services to develop flourishing Pasifika communities who are reaching their full potential.

We believe that the solutions for Pasifika families and individuals lie within our own communities; and that's where you will find us providing workforce development, health literacy, best practice, national coordination, training and upskilling, organisational development, research and support services.

FLO: Pasifika for life
Equipping Pasifika families & communities to prevent suicide.
Disability support
Helping Pasifika people with disabilities live the lives they choose.
GPS Satellite Seminars
Focusing on integrated solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes for Pasifika people and their families.
Community partners
Working with, and receiving guidance from, Pasifika leadership groups.
Mental health & Addiction
Supporting the workforce to meet the needs of Pasifika people & their families.