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Keep up with the latest news or check out recent stories about important work and initiatives that support Pasifika families and communities.

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Kinaa (Recognise), Kibaria (Succour), Totokoia (Prevent)

The Ribanaia Women’s Group is a Wellington-based Kiribati women’s club that meet regularly and acknowledge the importance of their role as mothers and grandmothers who are instrumental in keeping their Kiribati language and heritage alive for their families and Kiribati communities. Ribanaia Women’s Club were a successful recipient of the 2021 Le Va Pasifika Suicide […]

Published May 16, 2022
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Media release: Hope, help and healing: suicide prevention effort targets Pasifika communities

Applications for the Le Va Suicide Prevention Community Fund will close 6 May 2022. The Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund initiative uses a strengths-based approach to enhance existing programmes and tap into the resiliency and relationships in Pasifika families and communities. The initiative has a particular focus on Pasifika in New Zealand’s rural, men, rainbow and youth communities, as well as people with lived experience of suicidal behaviour.

Published April 24, 2022
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My dreams and my journey – Kasi Valu

Honestly listen. It’s as simple and complex as it sounds. Sometimes we don’t need solutions, we just need someone to listen with an empathetic heart. – Kasi Valu Do we really know what our young people are going through? Le Va had the privilege of connecting with a spoken word winner and leader in the […]

Published March 9, 2022
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Media release: Youth wellbeing focus for Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ Toloa scholarships

We know school responsibilities are one of the top stressors that contribute to worsening mental health. – Denise Kingi-Uluave Le Va have been appointed by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) to deliver its national youth wellbeing programme, Niu Wave, for Pasifika secondary students who have been awarded Toloa scholarships. The Toloa Secondary School Scholarships […]

Published March 9, 2022
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New Polynesian meditation app for a ‘home’ within

‘Within our ancestral voices are some true answers to healing’ – Rob Williams A Moana movie style meditation series is set to launch through the newly developed ‘Feel App’. Home and Away actor and founder of the app Rob Williams speaks of his collaboration with Opetaia Foa’i – the musician behind the popular Moana movie, […]

Published February 10, 2022
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Covid-19 Update

Face-to-face workshops will not continue while New Zealand is at Level 4. We will be in contact with all participants soon.